DevTunes FM

📦 App 🔨 NextJS 🙎‍♂️ by Madza

Creating a radio app was a project that I had in mind for quite a while. I have always felt a special connection to music. It has always inspired me and boosted my productivity.

It was initially meant as a pet project for personal use, but the more time I spent on it, the more it started to take shape of something the developer community could benefit from as well, so I decided to make it accessible for the public.


  1. Change stations
  2. Change backgrounds
  3. Play/pause
  4. Repeat track
  5. Volume controls
  6. Recent played list
  7. Save last settings
  8. Responsive design
  9. Loading screen
  10. Keyboard controls

Tech stack

The project is created using NextJS. The audio source is SoundCloud API. Deployed on Vercel.