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Improve Modal Management in React with nice-modal-react

📅 10 days ago 🕒 17 min read

In the age of information, the use of modals can significantly improve the UX of websites and web applications. We see them everywhere from sites like Twitter to create a new tweet to complex management systems that run ...

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Using Fetch Event Source for server-sent events in React

📅 a month ago 🕒 13 min read

The critical piece of any full-stack application is the connection between the frontend and backend. Generally, the communication is implemented by the client making the request to the server and the server sending back ...

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Implementing localization in Svelte

📅 2 months ago 🕒 12 min read

In this tutorial, we will implement the localization in Svelte application. The app will include routing, so you can divide the content across multiple pages of the app. We will first set up a new project, then create t...

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Introducing DevTunes FM: The Online Radio for Developers

📅 3 months ago 🕒 6 min read

Creating a radio app was a project that I had in mind for quite a while. I have always felt a special connection to music. It has always inspired me and boosted my productivity. A while ago I also did a discussion askin...

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Building a React code editor and syntax highlighter from scratch

📅 3 months ago 🕒 12 min read

Long gone are the days when developers coded in Notepad and blogs displayed the code blocks using just HTML. Highlighted code is so much more pleasing to the eye and way easier to read. In this tutorial, we will create ...

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Build a WYSIWYG text editor using Quill

📅 4 months ago 🕒 7 min read

Whether writing comments, composing blog posts, or writing advanced articles, a well-configured and performant text editor has always been one of the cornerstones for productive work and a great user experience. What is...

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React Tutorial: Build a Calculator App from Scratch

📅 5 months ago 🕒 19 min read

In this tutorial, we will be building a React Calculator app. You will learn how to make a wireframe, design a layout, create components, update states, and format the output. To get you inspired, here is the link to th...

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8 Projects to Build to Master Your Front-End Skills

📅 6 months ago 🕒 5 min read

I've always believed that the best way to learn is by doing. Recruiters prefer practical projects over theoretical knowledge, as well. Over the span of a year, I created 8 web app and game clones. I decided to share the...

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6 Useful Tips from Visitors To Improve your Portfolio

📅 6 months ago 🕒 5 min read

Some months ago I posted an article about how I built my first personal portfolio. The feedback was pretty awesome and I got some great ideas on how I could improve it. Thanks to users dyllandry, cdthomp1, sufyaan323, a...

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Hooray! I Created my First Portfolio!

📅 10 months ago 🕒 9 min read

For the last few months, I've been working on a personal portfolio. I've always believed that a separate portfolio is important for any dev since it connects you to future opportunities and it helps you to grow your netw...

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65 Things I wish I knew when I started to Code

📅 a year ago 🕒 13 min read

No success story is the same, we all have had our ups and downs in the learning process and things we wish we knew when we started out. If you are a new, aspiring developer, these 65 things will prepare you for the long...

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Create a Landing page in less than 100 lines (incl. CSS)

📅 a year ago 🕒 4 min read

Recently I bought a domain and decided to build a quick landing page to not leave it empty while I work on my portfolio. I thought some of you might find it useful, so I decided to make a tutorial on it. HTML Start by ...

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73 Awesome NPM Packages for Productivity

📅 a year ago 🕒 11 min read

Nowadays in our busy schedules and tight deadlines, it's critical to choose tools that increase productivity. Here I have compiled a list of some of my favorite NPM packages. I've also sorted them into categories, so th...

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35 Awesome Dev People to Follow on YouTube

📅 a year ago 🕒 5 min read

Here I've compiled a list of personal favorite devs on YouTube. I added a couple of lines on each channel too, so it's easier to get what channel is about and why I included it. Enjoy! 1.Traversy Media Alt Lots of awes...

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20 Famous Quotes for your DEV Inspiration

📅 a year ago 🕒 4 min read

1. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin Before investing in material things, invest in knowledge. It will be persistent and let you achieve your career goals. 2. "Knowing is not enoug...

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21 Awesome DEV portfolios for your inspiration

📅 a year ago 🕒 1 min read

The internet is full of portfolios, and getting an employer’s attention in today's marketplace can be quite a challenge. Here I have compiled a nice list of 21 awesome DEV portfolios to inspire you to build or upgrade y...

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How does it feel like to style things in 2020?

📅 2 years ago 🕒 11 min read

This article is inspired by Jose Aguinaga. I am using the same format - a dialogue between two developers, one of which is giving different options to less experienced dev. While Jose's article is targeted more on JS to...

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24 modern ES6 code snippets to solve practical JS problems

📅 2 years ago 🕒 7 min read

Here I have hand-picked some of the most useful code snippets from 30 seconds of code. It's an awesome resource, go ahead and show it some love. In this article I tried to sort them based on their practical use, answeri...