📦 App 🔨 NextJS and Appwrite 🙎‍♂️ by Madza

Whether it is web development, writing articles, or achieving personal goals, proper planning has always been crucial. That allows us to split the main task into smaller bits, track progress and set realistic deadlines for each.

I came up with self-hosted project management tool.


  1. Authentication
  2. Statistics page
  3. Action history
  4. Event calendar
  5. Add/delete boards and columns
  6. Add new cards
  7. View/update/delete cards
  8. Input validation
  9. Move cards around
  10. Vertical/horizontal scroll
  11. Search cards by title
  12. Logout

Tech stack

The project is created using NextJS and Appwrite.

The project is under the MIT licence and the code is available on GitHub.

Final notes

The full article on the making of the app can be read here.

Installing intructions are available here.